May The Fourth Be With You


It’s May the fourth, a holiday as you might say, for us Star Wars fans! Today was an exciting day in the Star Wars community: we got a new trailer for Kenobi, new behind the scenes gallery from The Book of Boba Fett, and sales on Star Wars merchandise galore! Happy, Happy day!

After work, I met up with friends for a round of mini-golf, food, and lots of fun to celebrate the day.

These Star Wars golf balls are the cutest!
Star Wars balloons!!
How cute is Leia❤️
Literally holding the Death Star in my hand!
My outfit for the festivities!

Now I’m winding down, watching A New Hope curled up in bed with my cats. The perfect ending to a busy, busy day!

How did you celebrate the day? Leave me a comment below!

Until next time,

May the Force Be With You!


May Loungefly Pick : Leia

Happy May first to all! It’s Star Wars month (although every month is Star Wars month for me)! So many excited things are happening this month including Star Wars Celebration and Kenobi! This month is Heaven for us Star Wars fans!

I finally decided on my Loungefly pick for May (I have too many choices!) I settled on a handbag that I purchased from HerUniverse a couple of years ago and thought it was so perfect for this month : Leia (obviously!)

I love how simple and elegant this handbag is! All the gold details are on point!
The strap is detachable so you could carry the handbag by the gold Rebel handle!
My newest Leia wallet is a perfect companion to the bag!
The lining of the bag is beautiful! The Rebel Alliance symbol is the overall print.

I thought this bag was elegant just like our Princess herself!

Stay tuned! I have some very special posts coming up!

May The Force Be With You!


My New Leia Wallet!

Hey everyone! I’ve waited awhile for this one! How gorgeous is this Princess Leia wallet by WristBandMania? As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to add it to my collection! The details are amazing and will go so well with my Leia Loungefly bags!

The repeated Rebel sign is amazing!
Lots of room for checks, cash, cards, and coins!
The design of Leia is so beautiful! And I love that it’s on a black background. She’s also in my favorite outfit from A New Hope!

Until next time,

May The Force be with you!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate!

I came across a quote that I would love to share with you all.

“A true friend is someone who thinks you’re a good egg even if you’re cracked.” ~Unknown

It struck me funny and yet so very true! Celebrate your friends and family every day!

Until next time, May The Force be with you!


Limited Leia Organa Statue By Gentle Giant

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to stop by one of my favorite collector shops in my area. And lo and behold what did I find? Princess Leia of course!

She caught my eye right away and I knew I had to add her to my collection! It crossed my mind to phone a friend to talk me out of my purchase, but luckily my friends agree with me on most of my purchases!

This particular statue is from A New Hope, my all-time favorite Star Wars movie! It also happens to my my favorite Leia look (closely followed by Hoth)!

She was a limited edition of 1000. The card of authenticity I received happened to be creased (that’s how it was packaged), but I don’t mind because I have no intention of selling her at any point!

A most iconic pose from A New Hope.
The card was creased, but I don’t mind since I’m never going to sell her!
Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”
The details are absolutely stunning! Hair is on point!

The statue was heavier than I expected! She would make a great bookend! And I currently have her with my Star Wars books! It would be perfect with a matching Han Solo counterpart don’t you think?!?

What do you think of my newest acquisition? I absolutely love her!

Until next time!

May The Force be with you!


My Newest Tattoos

Hey gang! Happy Friday! It’s been such a crazy week and am really looking forward to catching up on some reading this weekend. We’re supposed to get SNOW!!! Typical mid-west weather!

Last weekend a friend of mine came with me to check out some new tattoo studios in my area. We went to five different places! But I learned a lot and it’s so important to check out options and get a feeling for the studio and the artists who work at them!

When I got my very first tattoo, I was living in a different state. I did the same thing. Some friends and I checked out five or six different studios before I decided on the artist and studio I liked. The tattoo itself took only five minutes, but I felt comfortable with the artist. It was a small kanji symbol for strength. I ended up adding to that particular tattoo and now it’s a bigger piece on the side of my leg, which I still absolutely love. As my mom has said, “I hope you like your tattoo. You know they’re permanent, right?” No joke, that’s what she said when she first saw it!!

Since then, I’ve added more! The saying is true, once you get your first tattoo, you’ll want more!

Last weekend, I added two more! They were both done by the same artist.

I’ve wanted to get a semi-colon tattoo for the longest time and I finally did! I love it but it HURTTTTTT! This picture was taken right after it was done.
This yin/yang tattoo with the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire symbols is one that has been on my list for some time. Yep, the neck hurts too!! But I love the look!

That brings my tattoo count up to seven!

Do you have any tattoos? Share what tattoos you have in the comments below!

Until next time,

May The Force Be With You!


My First Legacy Lightsaber

Hey everyone! It has been a crazy week with all sorts of new Star Wars information! A week ago tomorrow, the teaser trailer for Kenobi was released! Oh my goodness!! I was absolutely blown away! I screamed, I laughed, I cried…May 25th…we are getting closer and I am all for it!

The same day that the teaser trailer was released, I received my first Legacy lightsaber!!

Ever since they released images of Leia’s lightsaber from The Rise of Skywalker I’ve wanted it! Since I am not near the parks, the next best thing was shopping on Amazon. It just so happened that a seller had her lightsaber listed! And I FINALLY pulled the plug!

The saber is not included with the hilt. I got the saber from another seller on Amazon.

I am so happy that I decided to add Princess Leia’s Legacy lightsaber to my Star Wars collection! It is so gorgeous, the pictures really don’t do it justice!

But, getting a lightsaber is like getting a tattoo…now I want another one!!

What do you think of the Legacy Lightsabers?

Next one on my list: Luke Skywalker!

May The Force be with you, my Friends!


Friday Five: March 4, 2022

Hey gang! It is looking a lot like Spring! Most of the snow here has melted and we are supposed to be in the 60’s this weekend! Finally, after a long cold and snowy winter there is some light at the end of the tunnel!

It‘s time for another edition of Friday Five!

1). Podcast I’m Listening To: Skytalkers This is a fabulous podcast! Creative discussions about all things Star Wars! What more could a fan ask for?! Very fun to listen to and some very interesting topics! Highly recommend for those who are fans of Star Wars!

2). Book I’ve Recently Read : Killers of the Flower Moon This book was absolutely fascinating! It’s based on true events and goes in depth exploring murders that happened on a Reservation. I read it in one day because I was so riveted by the author’s writing style. Highly recommend this one for those who enjoy history!

3). My Newest Loungefly : Wicket the Ewok!!! *squeal* How adorable is this bag?! I got this backpack in my Galaxy Subscription Box by Bibbidi! I put it on my wishlist & behold…it was in my box!! I can’t wait to style it! I have some ideas already! Yub nub!

4). Another New Purchase : Grogu Mug OMG!!! I found this mug at Five Below! You can never have enough Grogu mugs!!! And only $5!!!!!

5). A Quote : “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ~H.H. The Dalai Lama

Until next time

May The Force Be With You,


Friday Five

Hey everyone! And welcome back to another edition of Friday five!

1). Podcast I’m Listening To: Crime Junkie. Another new podcast that I stumbled across! So fascinating! Episodes are real cases of murder, mystery, and disappearances. If you are into crime drama, I highly recommend this podcast!

2). A Guilty Pleasure: Watching The Housewives of New Jersey. How can you resist this drama? I enjoy watching these “reality” shows because it distracts me from real life…we can all use a fun and ridiculous distraction!

3). What I’m Listening To: Stevie Nicks. Stevie Nicks is my fairy godmother. IT’S STEVIE NICKS!! I love everything about her!

4). My newest purchase: The Rearmored Boba Fett helmet. MY FIRST STAR WARS HELMET! I am so excited! It looks FANTASTIC!

From ShopDisney

5). What I’m reading: The Art of The Mandalorian. This collector’s book is amazing! Full of illustrations and gorgeous concept pictures of scenes and characters from The Mandalorian season 2!

Purchased from Target

That’s it for this week’s Friday Five!

Until next time, May The Force Be With You!


Friday Five

Hey everyone! Here is today’s Friday five!

1). Podcast I’m Listening To. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast. I am OBSESSED with this podcast! I have always had a fascination with murder and mystery! And it gets my creative writing juices going! This podcast has it all : true stories, background of the crimes, outcomes, and intriguing speculations! Highly recommend!

2). Star Wars Character Who I Am Obsessed With Right Now. Okay, so I’m obsessed with so many Star Wars characters ALL THE TIME, but with the new announcement that Kenobi is coming to Disney Plus on May 25th, I have been reminded of how much I love the character and Ewan McGregor (let’s be real! 🤣) What are your thoughts on the new Kenobi poster? I LOVED IT!!

3). My Newest Funko Pop. I had pre-ordered this one months ago. I HAD TO HAVE IT! IT’S LUKE AND GROGU!! How perfect was that episode of Grogu training with Luke in The Book Of Boba Fett?!? It was my favorite! I cried during the whole episode!

4). Song I have On Repeat. “Mad World” by Tears for Fears. I have always been a Tears for Fears fan! Yes, I am a child of the ‘80s! Lately, I have been on a Tears for Fears kick and am so happy that they came out with a new album! But “Mad World” is a classic! If you haven’t listened to it, I highly recommend that you do!

5). Candle I Am Burning Right Now. I am still a huge candle fan even though I’ve been really getting into wax melts. One of my favorite small shops on Etsy has tons of Star Wars inspired fragrances and Jyn Erso is my favorite! Not only is Jyn Erso (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) one of my favorite Star Wars characters but this scent was so spot on! The candles and wax melts are 100% natural soy and beeswax. The scent for Jyn Erso consists of scents of black cardamom and amber. It smells PERFECT!

Candles and wax melts by Book: Women Of The Galaxy by Amy Radcliffe

Until next time,

May The Force Be With You!


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